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Back to School Lunchtime! 30/08/2015 09:53

Time to start thinking about BACK TO SCHOOL lunch for the kids. The original lunch box came out in 1935, and featured a cartoon character named Mickey Mouse, and the metal container was sealed with a piece of wire that doubled as a handle. Before long, the lunchbox could mark you as either a cool kid or a dork, depending on the picture and art of the container. Into the 40's, Disney expanded to characters such as Pinocchio and Snow White. Donald Duck and Daisy were popular too.Click here

O.K. Blue Jays? 26/08/2015 09:49

As the Blue Jays continue their quest for top spot in the American League East, and that certainly looks very promising, the team has given season ticket holders the chance to buy coveted playoff tickets this week. Flex pack ticket holders will get next dibs early in September, while tickets to the general public won’t go on sale until September 23rd. Now if you are a season ticket holder, you no doubt have all of the information already, but if yo...
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How I speny my summer vacation... 24/08/2015 09:54

It was a week of discovery....

I’m moving next month so I spent my vacation packing

Here’s what I learned….

Banana boxes are the BEST!

Never read your journals from 30 years ago

Read your journals from 30 years ago

If you come across a box you haven&rsquo...
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So close and yet so far in fantasy football 24/08/2015 09:50

If you get involved in a fantasy league, you know how time consuming it can be. There is a fantasy pool, however, that only takes a few minutes a week to enter, and gives you a chance to win a trip for two to the Grey Cup in Winnipeg this November (second prize is two trips to Winnipeg…haha, just kidding, love the place, used to work there). You can also win a $200 gift certificate from a well known clothing chain in Canada. It’s the CFL Fantasy Pool on the TSN we...
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TRUMP- What else can be said? 15/08/2015 08:38

I have to admit that I get a charge out of watching and hearing about the antics of the most popular Republican running for the American Presidential nomination. Donald Trump amuses me much like Rodney Dangerfield, or Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld and King of Queens) do. I find the lack of 'Political Correctness' to be funny in a strange kind of way.

I grew up in an era before political correctness took hold of our lives in such a big way, and I always find h...
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So, if you're in South Korea and you want your Timmie's...... Tim Morton's???? 13/08/2015 18:07

Tim Morton's coffee spotted in Seoul, South Korea lol

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How a tattoo can help heal... 10/08/2015 10:03

So last Friday, I got another tattoo that means a lot to me…
But, this blog isn’t about that

This is about the artist who gave me that tattoo and all the amazing work she does with breast cancer survivors
Jennette Conners not only creates amazing body art,
she also helps breast cancer survivors with Medical Tattooing,...
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RIVALRY 10/08/2015 09:59

While I was on holiday, I managed to get myself down to "TIM HORTON'S FIELD" and check out a Ti-Cat game. This wasn't just any ordinary game, this was the Cat's versus their arch rival Toronto Argonauts. Both teams had just come off lengthy road trips. The Argos were technically still on the road, just a mere 80km away from the "Rogers Center"but they were in a very hostile stadium for this game.

Now, I've been going to CFL games for years and ...
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The horror... 06/08/2015 09:35

I love living in a part of the world that has all 4 seasons

Having said that…each season doesn’t last that long

And as my Grandma used to say

“Don’t rush the day”

So imagine my horror when I saw this in the drug store yesterday!

And then I read that it&r...
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No wonder aliens stay away 04/08/2015 10:27

hitchBot made it across Canada and parts of Europe

So he (it?) decided it wanted to see the good old US of A

....well, he (it?) made it about 2 states before being destroyed...really?

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Where's (Waldo) Pat? 29/07/2015 15:34

The end of Summer is shaping up to be one of the busiest times of the year- and always one of the most interesting, social and fun times too. Tomorrow evening, I'll be leading the parade, as the SOUTHERN CRUISERS ERIE SHORE Riding Club leaves the Giant FM parking lot at 6, to head to Clare's Bike Night in Niagara on the Lake. I always bring up the rear, so I don't get lost somewhere in the wilds of South Niagara and rural Thorold. It has happened, but the Riders came back for me, to ...
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Just a friendly reminder 29/07/2015 11:26

In the midst of the heatwave we're enjoying, here's a reminder for you...

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World Hepatitis Day 29/07/2015 11:07

Had the opportunity to go to Centennial Square in Niagara Falls yesterday, along with Matt the Intern and the Giant FM cruiser for "World Hepatitis Day". What is that, you may ask? Well, from 10 A.M. until 2 p.m., residents were able to get tons of inofrmation on Hepatitis, what it is, how it's acquired, treatments, etc....... The organizers of the event did a fantastic job in putting the day together, with a large number of display booths, food, refreshments, music and information. ...
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“I don’t f***ing care” 23/07/2015 09:26

I love this woman!

This is the kind of story that makes you think...what am I waiting for?

We all seem to put off something in life that we really want to do for one reason or another...

...and we all (hopefully) get to that point in life w...
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So now what.... 21/07/2015 10:03

So this morning, I head into the studio, getting ready to present the entertainment guide and Jef Brown hands me…..

A giant zucchini

What am I suppose to do with this beast?

At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, I know about

Fried zucchini

Zucchini bread

Zucchini muffins&l...
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It Truly IS a Summer of Fun in Niagara! 19/07/2015 10:18

Today wraps up one of the most well run Festivals of the Summer in Niagara- the Pelham Summerfest. We sent Matt Sanderson to the event with the Giant FM Cruiser, and Matt posted some great pictures to the Giant FB and Twitter pages. He was even caught line dancing with both of his left feet. I salute the organizers for a great production. Good weather helps too!

We're not done yet.. Lots of Fun still to come, with the St Davids Lions Carnival from the 23rd to the 26...
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