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Who do you "Be-Leaf"? 21/11/2014 08:31

So the Leafs snapped a three game losing streak on Thursday night with a pretty good effort resulting in a 5-2 win over the Lightning. It was good to see coach Randy Carlyle joking around with the media after the game, probably the most relaxed he’s been in a week. There had been the usual suspects calling for his head lately, again. I don’t think he’s the problem, a lack of talent, heart and character is. And speaking of a lack of character, the Leafs left...
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So the Bills won't be hosting the Jets on Sunday 20/11/2014 17:20

The Bills will eventually play the New York Jets, but that game won't happen in Buffalo on Sunday.

With the city buried below more than four feet of snow, NFL spokesman Michael Signora announced today that the league is preparing to relocate the game.

Detroit and Washington could be two potential alternative sites. Pittsburgh and Toronto were initially thought of but both have been ruled out.

There still is a possibility...
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Surfing in Buffalo blizzard! 20/11/2014 15:05

Check it out... these 2 avid surfers grabbed their boards and rode the waves in Lake Erie at the height of the Buffalo storm!

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video they made. CRAZY! :-)Click here

BACK AT IT 20/11/2014 12:02

I haven't been able to update my workout progress for a couple of weeks now because I hadn't been working out and man did I pay for it. My buddy and trainer Dan Giancola was away for a week and when he returned I wasn't able to make a few sessions. This past Monday I was back at the BTO studios, 106 Ormond St. South in Thorold to try and get back to the level I was at before I tailed off. The first thing we did was the battle ropes, quickly followed by pull-ups thanks to ...
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'Put your whole face over that...' 20/11/2014 11:36

I laughed

I cried

I got the munchies

Check out this video of 3 Washington Grandma's smoking pot for the first time

I was a little worried at first when I saw them hauling on that bong...they were not shy!

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You had ONE thing to do... 20/11/2014 09:16

This has long been something that has irritated me at home...this is how someone installed our cabinets at home!? Really!? Come on WTF where they thinking? They had one thing to do, and this was the amazing result. For ever I have complained about it at home, so I started telling friends and strangers alike about it...and it looks like we are surrounded by idiot...
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The Buffalo Bills need your help... 19/11/2014 13:53

As you know Buffalo was pummeled with snow yesterday and it continues. The Buffalo Bills are at home this weekend hosting the New York Jets.

Their stadium is filled with a bit of snow. Here's what the Bills tweeted this afternoon...

"Want to help clear the Ralph? We're looking for snow shovelers. Pay is $10/hour + game tickets. Call 716-636-4840 for details."

If you're in the area and want to make some cash and check out t...
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Some people may get the wrong idea... 19/11/2014 10:28

A couple weeks ago, my 2002 Mazda Protege decided to break up with me…after I spent $600 plus in repairs the week before, it decided it wanted a new transmission or it was over

So, heartbroken, I walked away

There was the eventual returning of the stuff (aka: cleaning out of the car) and here are some of the things I found:

3 umbrellas&...
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"Leaf "me alone! 18/11/2014 08:28

What’s the highest amount of bags of leaves you’ve ever put out for collection in one year? Up until this fall, my previous record was 28, and that was from a house with a small front yard, but a huge backyard almost the size of a football field. We moved to a new house this summer, and loved the trees, the privacy they provided, the shade in the summer that kept the house cooler and saved on air conditioning bills. Well now, that love affair is quickly fading. We ha...
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Maybe the End of the World won't be so bad!? 18/11/2014 05:41

We have survived 2012, but who knows whats around the corner? Nuclear weapons? Natural disaster? Another album from Nickelback? Whatever does come our way you can now face it in luxury. Take a look at the Luxury Survival Condo made out of a decommissioned Kansas miss...
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Everyone can use a Buddy 17/11/2014 10:45

Anyone who knows even a little bit about me knows this…

I love animals

The commercial with the abused animals makes me cry …every time (so I change the channel)

I used to bring home dead animals when I was little so they could have a proper burial and when my cat would bring home ‘presents’ aka mice&...
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I Love a Parade! (Just a Big Kid!) 15/11/2014 08:16

Well, it's that time again- Parade time in Niagara. This morning begins the cycle of Santa Claus events with the Niagara Falls Parade, starting at 11 from Victoria Avenue and the Armories, down Victoria to Valley Way, then Queen to City Hall. Look for Brian and Jef in the Giant FM Winter Cruiser. Don't throw old fruit at them, a wave and smile will be just fine.

Next Saturday, Fort Erie's event begins at noon, and then at 4- look for Chuck LaFleur and me in th...
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MOVEMBER Update - How's the Facial Fur Coming? 14/11/2014 16:18

If you've been growing your whiskers since the beginning of November your growth shpuld be really taking shape. Now comes the time to decide what kind of moustache and/or beard you're going for and trim accordingly.

Here's an updated photo of my growth:

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Humanity 1- what's her face 0 14/11/2014 09:59

So yesterday….

That whose name shall not be spoken (initials KK, married to a rapper KW) tried to ‘break the internet’ with naked/photoshopped pictures of her butt and everything else

Also yesterday, we landed a spacecraft on a comet- the equivalent of hitting a bullet with another bullet

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Tis the season 14/11/2014 07:08

This is the only time of year I can think of when people use the word “Tis”. But indeed, it’s that time of year, Santa Claus parades are getting under way in Niagara. The first is Saturday, November 15th in Niagara Falls , beginning at 11 A.M. Be sure and wave and shout a big hello to Brian and Jeff , who will be driving along the parade route in the Giant FM cruiser. Pat Porter and I will be in the Welland Santa Claus parade next Sat...
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NHL Christmas Sweaters 13/11/2014 12:06

Christmas is just around the corner and that means ugly Christmas sweater parties are coming. The NHL is releasing their own line of ugly sweaters ranging in price from $65-$85, would you wear your favorite team’s ugly sweater?

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A spoonful of sugar... 13/11/2014 09:35

So of the last 62 hours, I was asleep for most of them

I woke up for Sons of Anarchy (barley), soup and crackers, oj and ginger ale, puppies and oil of oregano

These are my sick remedies

The oil of oregano is a new one…FYI: it’s spicy! And you’ll burp it for hours

Just sayin’

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Fighting in hockey 12/11/2014 09:06

Here we go again, cries from the overwhelmingly pacifist, know-it-all Toronto media to ban fighting in hockey. Connor McDavid of the OHL’s Erie Otters broke his hand in a fight against a Mississauga Steelheads player in a game in Erie Tuesday night. I knew right away what would happen. An uproar from several media types who act as if they do, but totally DON'T understand hockey. Just for the hell of it, I checked the Rogers Sportsnet website, and sure as anything, there&...
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My Biggest Insecurity 12/11/2014 07:25

I have long been insecure about many many things, but perhaps my biggest insecurity has been my weight. Since I was in junior high (grade 7/8) I have felt fat...even when I was a mere 150 lbs I felt I was too fat to wear shorts, tank tops, etc. While other girls my age would wear daisy dukes and cute sundresses, I would be covered up. I have always been on a diet of some kind and have...
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Are you surrounded by Idiots?! 11/11/2014 13:13

You know most days I truly feel that I am surrounded by idiots, I have even been known on occasion to express this concern. Well now I have proof that indeed many of those you live with, work with, party with are idiots...but it's not their fault...they have a virus!? Wha?? There's a virus called ATCV-1 that used to only affect algae . . . but now there's some evidence it's affecting humans too. And i...
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