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Why the Patriots have to lose this Sunday 30/01/2015 06:57

As hard as Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch is making it for some of us to cheer for the Seahawks in Sunday’s Super Bowl, Seattle has to win they game. They just have to. The New England Patriots are loved by their fans, but despised by many. They are the symbol of all that is is wrong with the corporate culture that has taken over such a big part of our society. And quite possibly, they cheat. Now maybe, just maybe, Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady w...
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Wait, there's a game on? 29/01/2015 09:26

The Super Bowl happens Sunday

So what’s making news?

DeflateGate, Marshawn Lynch and


The Go Daddy dog that sparked controversy and outrage &...
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Look what I found in Cuba 27/01/2015 15:08

The Beatles bar is in Varadero Cuba and they have these great house bands that play classic rock and the place is hoppin' every night... an absolute BLAST!

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A "Maddening" prediction 27/01/2015 07:47

Every year, just before the Big Game, EA Sports runs a simulated “Super Bowl”, using the latest Madden video game. Madden NFL has been right 8 of the last 11 years, but was totally wrong last year, when it predicted the Denver Broncos would beat the Seattle Seahawks in overtime. That didn’t happen, of course, as the Seahawks blew out the Broncos 43-8. This year, Madden NFL predicts the New England Patriots will beat the Seahawks 28-24, with Tom Brady winnin...
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Super Bowl Host Cities 26/01/2015 13:56

This year's Super Bowl will be at the University of Arizona stadium.

So, how does the NFL choose the host city?

Warm weather in February used to be the deciding factor, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Instead the NFL uses the Super Bowl bid as a reward system for teams who will, as the New York Times put it, “Build or improve your stadium. Run a good franchise. Play well with others and beg a lit...
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The gift that keeps on giving 26/01/2015 10:19

With the hustle and bustle of grown up life, it’s nice to remember that deep down, in each and every one of us, there is a little kid dying to get out

And there are moments in life that set that immature, silly child free

Admittingly, the Patriots balls have given my immature inner child much joy over the last 7 day...
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3rd Annual Evening for Women's Place of South Niagara March 8th 25/01/2015 07:48

Had the pleasure of speaking yesterday with DYLAN MARS, organizer and performer with the Third Annual EVENING FOR WOMEN'S PLACE with Dylan Mars & Friends. This Great Musical Event will be held March 8, International Womens Day.

Mike Henley will be this year's MC, with appearances by some of Niagara's Finest entertainers, including the legendary Rick Rose, Chico Sanchez, Heather Glabb, Jerry Salfi with Steve Kostyk, Anthony Botting, The KaC HimselF & Dyl...
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Mine! Mine! 23/01/2015 09:38

A woman goes out for a job interview at a Pharmacy in Trinidad

Apparently she bombed it and was pretty sure she wasn’t getting the job

So on her way out…..

She stole the interviews purse

All I could picture was this:

What’s the worst thing you have ever done in an inter...
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Dalton's new gig...... 22/01/2015 08:22

Former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has a new job. McGuinty has been hired as an advisor by business consultants Price Waterhouse Coopers. The company says McGuinty is joining the firm as senior advisor for markets and industries, working in a Toronto office, and providing “strategic advice” to clients. Hmmm, Dalton McGuinty advising people on financial matters. Isn’t that kind of like the Leafs hiring Dave Nonis to be G.M. of their team? Just wondering....
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This is what happens when you have too much on your plate... 22/01/2015 07:36

Ok, I'll admit it, I often take on too many things, and have been known to have the occasional meltdown. Typically, I do it in the privacy of my own home (my preferred place is the bathroom, so my 4&6 year old don't see Mommy completely lose her sh!@#$t)

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This week on Match Dot Paws... 21/01/2015 09:24

This is Bear

He loves belly rubs

Cats? Not so much

He came into the shelter as a skinny stray and is getting stronger everyday! He still needs to put on a few pounds (isn't that a great problem to have) but he's on his way

Check out Match Dot Paws<...
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In my opinion, this is crap 20/01/2015 09:20

So last night, the Leafs lost (again)

And a few fans…3 fans…threw their jerseys on the ice to show their disappointment

Well, now they may be banned for life from the ACC or face mischief charges


So it’s OK to throw a hat (or squid, depending on where you are) on the ice to show your app...
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Penny for your thoughts on this one... 20/01/2015 09:13

I thought of my Father in Law Pat Damiano, when I saw this story of a guy in Texas who saved pennies for years and just brought all 81,000 of them into the bank, cashed them in to the tune of $816!Click here

The passing of a legend 20/01/2015 06:48

Sad to hear of the passing of John Larocque last Saturday. The man known for years in Niagara as the ‘Mayor of the Morning”, died at the age of 79. In recent years, John had Alzheimer’s Disease, and had battled Parkinson’s as well. I had the pleasure and privilege of working with John for about 10 years, from 1994 until about 2004, including co-hosting a morning show with him just before his semi-retirement in 1996. I learned more about the radio ...
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A sad day for Cheeseheads 19/01/2015 07:58

The Green Bay Packers SHOULD BE heading to the Super Bowl to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Yes, they SHOULD BE, but they’re not, after one of the most dramatic comebacks in NFL history on Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks looked as bad as they probably have in a couple of years in the first half of the NFC title game, and trailed the Packers 16-0 at one point. It could have been a lot worse, given the turnovers committed by the defending champs. But the Packers ha...
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Have you ever cheated death? 19/01/2015 05:09

There was ice on Interstate 84 just outside of Baker City, Oregon on Saturday and it led to an INSANE accident involving 50 cars and trucks.

Kaleb Whitby was driving in a Chevy Silverado . . . which wound up getting CRUSHED between two semis. And somehow . . Kaleb survived.

When one of the semi drivers got out to survey the scene, he ...
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:-) 16/01/2015 17:38

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Wild game in Jr B 16/01/2015 07:28

Had the pleasure of being the MC for the Fort Erie Meteors Junior B hockey club’s first annual "Wild Game Dinner" on Thursday night. The event was held at the Lions Club Hall at the Leisureplex and was a resounding success, with the hall jam-packed with supporters of the team. The dinner itself was unique and delicious, prepared by the D’Intino family from Big Marcos Restaurant. It featured everything from lentil and pheasant soup to lamb to moose and venison stew, alo...
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Waste not, want not...WOOF 15/01/2015 10:00

Not surprising, but Target announced that it is closing it’s Canadian stores

So that begs the question….

What are you going to do with all that space?

The Seaway Mall put a huge addition on and the Pen Center has 2 floors and nothing to put in them

I, of course, have an idea

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Breakfast of champions? 14/01/2015 12:53

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This may not be the case if you dare to consume this atrocity.

The Corner Cafe in Portishead, Bristol, England, recently unveiled a new menu item: The 7,778-calorie, 59-item Monster Mega Breakfast.

Here's what it includes, six slices of bacon, six sausages, six eggs, two thee-egg omelettes...
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