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It’s a Sad day not just in Music, but in Canada as a whole. We lost a Canadian Icon, a legend and a true talent. Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip has passed away peacefully last night surrounded by his wife and children.

Today on the KK Show and every hour throughout the day, we will be playing songs from The Tragically Hip in memory of Gord.

You can find more on our Facebook Page.

Here is the release from Gord’s family…


Leave a Message below for Gord Downie’s Family.


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  1. The Music World will never be the same.
    Sincerest Condolences to the Downie family, the members of The Tragically Hip, and to all of us Fans. <3

  2. Thank you Mr Downie, for the music, the memories and the inspiration on how to live, even when dying. Thank you for using your platform to bring about change and awareness through your work in environmental issues, the Chanie Wenjack fund and Secret Path project, speaking out and raising awareness about the long supressed mistreatment of indigenous children and families and your involvement in so many other worthwhile causes, and for the completely awe inspiring Canadian sountrack to our lives
    Your life has indeed enriched mine as it has millions of others, Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and using your life to inspire, educate, enlighten and entertain. My thoughts are with those close to Gord Downie the man – his family, friends, and bandmates. May the loving thoughts and memories carry them through the heartache of such a deep loss.
    Farewell brother, you will live on in your works and the hearts of the millions and millions of people you have touched.

  3. To the Downie family
    my deepest condolences goes out to you
    I was a fan since the get go 1987
    my father took me to my first concert cause I was only 12 years of age
    the hip got booed and Mr Downie had a shoe hit him and they walked off the stage
    I saw the Tragically Hip 34 times
    he was my idol in so many ways the way he was so zany
    he will be missed in the music world and by his friends and family
    I love you Gordie
    I’ve never meet mr Gordie but it seems I knew him
    its a very sad day in Canada and all over the world
    Rest in peace Gordon Downie :((

  4. Thank you for the music. Thank you for the pride in Canada. Thank you for your voice on issues you felt strongly about. To the Downie family. Thank you for sharing Gord so openly with us. We cannot take away your grief, but know we share it. We are better for the experience of having him in our lives.

  5. It’s a very sad day… Canadians hearts are broken. Yet we are humble to have had the chance to have Gord play in our homes … Rock.In.Paradise

  6. My sincerest sympathies and condolences go out to the Downie family. I pray God will give you strength, during your time of loss.

    DJ Bob C. (From Club Rockstarz in Buffalo, NY)

  7. With tears in the back of my eyes, i want to say THANK YOU!!
    Thank you for sharing your dream with all of us,
    Thank you for bringing Canada to life with your poetic journeys through our great land,
    Thank you for sacrificing your time with your families, so that your Canadian Family could see you one last time,
    Thank you for educating Canadians.
    It has been a great privilege to be one of your fans.
    Rest in Peace…
    You will never be forgotten…

  8. Feeling very heavy hearted today. Canada just lost a great, courageous and truly beautiful soul. My deepest condolences to Gord Downie’s family, friends and bandmates. His music and legacy will live on in millions of hearts.

  9. Gord Downie, and the Tragically Hip, will always be the sound track of my life, from my 20’s till this day, any song can bring me to a moment of love, life and laughter. Thank you so much for your gift to me, your music. RIP Gordie

  10. Well I didn’t get to cross seeing you live off my bucket list
    But your music lives on throughout the rest of History
    R.I.P. Mr Downie❤️

  11. Thank you for sharing Gord’s talent and time with all of Canada. We are forever grateful and he will live on in all of us.

  12. Thank you for all what u have done!
    You were very talented,well loved and respected!
    I’m sorry for your family and the rest of the Hip!
    Your music will Play on FOREVER!
    Never forgotten

  13. Gords Family: I am sorry for your loss. I’m sure he will be greatly missed as our whole country is in mourning. God Speed and RIP Gordie baby!
    Gerry Carr